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Instructions For Collecting DNA Samples

Guide To Color Gene Testing

TWHBEA Registry Rule Changes

Online Foal Registration

Free Foal Registration Discontinued

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2014 Declared Candidates 

Futurity Stud Fee Auction

 Notice of New Rule-Corporate Rule 28

Veterinary Advisory Committee Responds to False Allegations

8/19/14: TWHBEA to Offer On-Line Stud Fee Auction

TWHBEA Kicks-Off New Membership Drive 

8/07/14: Important Annoucement for TWHBEA National Futurity Exhibitors

TWHBEA Registration Proof Required for Entrace to Celebration Grounds

8/07/14: Marshall County Horseman's Association donates to TWHBEA Youth 

6/05/14: Proposed Bylaw Changes Without Omissions 

6/05/14: Proposed Bylaw Changes with Omissions


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TWHBEA Internationale Forderung und Schutz des Tennessee Walking Horses

TWHBEA Promoting and Protecting the Tennessee Walking Horse Internationally

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