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As Vice President of the Breeders’ Division at TWHBEASM, I have spent the last year working diligently with a wonderful staff and dedicated committee members to update and improve some of our forms and brochures. I feel like we should have the sound effects of a big drum roll to Announce that as I am writing this paragraph the new Color Brochure is being printed.

The Breeders’ Committee took on the large task of creating a new Color Brochure. We are proud of the results! The Color Brochure will be enclosed in every member’s copy of the April Voice™ magazine. Elsie Darrah is writing an article on How to Use the New TWHBEASM Color Brochure. Look for it in the Voice™ after page 12. The new Color Brochure contains the latest available information. As new things are developed we will post them on the TWHBEASM web site to keep you updated. You may call and request additional copies of the Color Chart.

The Breeders’ Committee has also created a policy and the forms for using Frozen Semen. Both of these developments caused all of our paperwork to change, so while we were at it we changed some things to make it easier to use. I have addressed all these changes in the following articles.

It has been a great experience working with all of the people who have made these changes a reality. I would like to personally THANK a lot of people for making these updates possible.

A Huge Thank You for:

The New Color Brochure - Elsie Darrah, Dee Dee Sale, Karyl Dunaway, Patrick Gray, Rick Womack, Janice Plyler, Amy Spears, graphic artist at TWHBEA, Michael Cook, IT at TWHBEA, Sharon Brandon, Secretary/Treasurer at TWHBEA, Sarah Gee, Staff Writer at the Voice, Dr. Melba Ketchum, Shelterwood Lab, Dr. Kathryn Graves, Univ. of Kentucky, Dr. Timoney, Univ. of Kentucky, and Dr. Sponnenberg.

Frozen Semen Forms and Policies - Janice Plyler, Dee Dee Sale, Rick Weis, Daniel Starnes, Billy Gray, Ann Worthman, Craig Evans, Michael Cook, Amy Spears, and Sharon Brandon.

-Kathy Zeis



Frozen Semen Forms

TWHBEASM would like to announce that we have updated and revised several of our forms. In some instances we have had to produce new forms to address new breeding practices that have become useful to our Owners’ and Breeders’. The Breeders’ Committee has worked for the past year on addressing these concerns. One of the issues we have dealt with is how to legally handle the ownership of frozen semen and the registration of foals resulting from the use of frozen semen. The first new forms I would like to talk about are the new FROZEN SEMEN REGISTRATION forms. We have been asked repeatedly how to handle the ownership of frozen semen as it relates to the Registration of our Tennessee Walking Horses. Since this is a commodity that can possibly last longer than the stallion or present owners of the stallion, we have established a new policy and a way to handle the use & ownership of frozen semen.

A new form called the FROZEN SEMEN REGISTRATION must be filled out which informs the Registry of the existence of the frozen semen. Your stallion will have this information added to his file and when he is looked up on IPeds™ or E-lineage a new line that says Frozen Semen Available will be added to his information. This could possibly be a marketing tool or information that breeders in the future would be interested in knowing.

When the FROZEN SEMEN REGISTRATION is filed with the Registry, a CERTIFICATE of FROZEN SEMEN will be issued for each newly registered straw. Each certificate will be numbered and a certificate must accompany the registration of a foal resulting from the use of frozen semen. The backs of the Certificates will have places to transfer the ownership of these certificates. If this certificate changes ownership, it must be endorsed over to the new owner.

Since frozen semen, by its very nature, will last a long time, the ownership must be legally identified. The new transfer slips have a place, line 7A, that must be filled out in the event that a seller is selling a stallion but is retaining frozen semen. If the seller is retaining frozen straws of semen, a RETAINED SEMEN DISCLOSURE STATEMENT must be filled out and signed by both the seller and the new buyer. This form will become a legal addendum to the rights of ownership and a notarized copy of the RETAINED SEMEN DISCLOSURE STATEMENT must be sent in with the transfer slip before the change of ownership of the stallion can be completed. This only applies to a transfer where 7A is checked “Yes”.

The Registry is not interested in the terms of the sale but only in the full disclosure of the existence of Frozen Semen. This disclosure statement informs the Registry and the new buyer that the seller is keeping semen and that he will be able to retain the rights to register any resulting foals when that semen is used. If the first owner (or subsequent owners) chooses to sell the semen or wills it to his heirs, appropriate paperwork would follow along with the semen so that the rights would follow the ownership of the frozen semen and their certificates.

The new registration forms also have a place to put the number found on the CERTIFICATE OF FROZEN SEMEN. The signature of the Sire owner at time of breeding must agree with the CERTIFICATE OF FROZEN SEMEN if other than the owner of record. In order for the Association to accept the signature of anyone other than the recorded stallion owner at the time of breeding, the CERTIFICATE FOR FROZEN SEMEN must be endorsed by the current owner of the frozen semen. Failure to include the certificate will cause the application to be incomplete or not in order. The Breeders’ Committee has tried to make all the forms follow along with each other and be easy to use. At this time there will be no additional charges for these added services. A new TWHBEA REGISTRATION APPLICATION/ BLOOD TYPING KIT REQUEST has been developed. These new forms are available for download on our Forms page or call TWHBEASM at 1-800-359-1574 and ask for Customer Service.




As part of an effort to keep you, our members, well informed, I am announcing that our transfer forms have also gone through an update. The Breeders’ Committee with the input of the staff at TWHBEASM, have put together a needed update on our Transfers and our Registration forms. I will address each form separately to explain the changes.

The new TRANSFER REPORT/BILL OF SALE form has had an addition, 7A. This addition recognizes and deals with frozen semen as an ongoing asset. The act of freezing semen for future use has brought up some interesting questions. Who has the rights to sign Registration Applications? What happens if the stallion dies? What happens if the stallion is sold? Can I leave frozen semen to my heirs?

The Breeders’ Committee has taken into consideration these and other questions put to the Registry. As our Registry keeps up with the advances in technology, our paperwork has to reflect those changes. It is an ever evolving business and as astounding scientific discoveries are made we must keep up with how to handle it all, keeping our policies intact and safeguarding the information entrusted to the Registry. For an in depth explanation of the use of section 7A, refer to the section labeled Frozen Semen Forms. For the purposes of this article that is the only change on this form.

While talking about transfers we would be remiss not to mention why it is so important to keep up with them. This seems to be an elemental part of our business yet it is the cause of some confusion to our membership. A transfer should be filled out every time the Tennessee Walking Horse changes owners.

• First example: I have sold an animal that has not received his registration papers. I should fill out my transfer form, have the appropriate parties sign the transfer and send it to TWHBEASM. The registration of this animal is pending and when the papers are issued the appropriate paper trail will be finished. This way you will not incur fees for a late transfer.

• Second example: I have a contract of sale on an animal and the sale has not been consummated due to payment terms, lease of the animal, etc., a transfer should be placed with a copy of the sale or lease contract and filed with TWHBEASM. This insures two things: first it notifies all parties concerned, that the sale is incomplete or that the animal is leased and secondly that legally the animal is another persons’ responsibility. This way no transfers are skipped and all parties know where the ownership of this animal stands. Remember to keep the pink copy of the transfer which is the seller’s copy. If you are the buyer keep the yellow copy for your records. It is not necessary to send all copies to TWHBEASM. TWHBEASM only uses the white copy.

• Third Example: TWHBEASM has long recommended that the seller file the transfer when selling an animal. This insures that the proper documentation goes with the horse and that the animal’s ownership is updated. Payment of the transfer can be negotiated in the price of the animal. When sending an animal through a sale where the seller is required to sign blank transfers and has no name for the buyer, to insure the seller’s records are kept up to date, keep the pink slip (the seller’s copy). Send to the sale only the white copy and the yellow copy. Filing a transfer in a timely manner keeps late fees from being incurred.

Many of the problems that arise in changing the ownership of a registered TWH can be alleviated by proper record keeping. If you have a question that has not been addressed here, call TWHBEASM 1-800-359-1574 and ask for Customer Service or send it to and we will be happy to assist you.



TWHBEASM Registration Application/ Blood Typing Kit Request

Registration forms have gone through a face-lift! The first thing we changed is the size of the new form. In order to make this form more “User Friendly” we have converted it to an 8.5 x 11 standard letter size, rather than the long form. This will make the form easier to scan when we go to new technology. This form will download easily off of your computer.

The new Registration Application form will remain a three part form when you receive it from TWHBEASM. The first two parts being TWHBEA’s copies and the third copy belongs to the Owner/Applicant. The second thing you will notice is that the boxes have all been rearranged. Read through the form carefully and fill it out completely so that the processing will not be delayed.

One of the first places you will notice a change, is in Box #3, a new block called “3A” has been added. You are not required to fill in this box. However if your state is one of those with the new incentive programs that require “State Foaled In” information, fill in this block. This will be printed on your Certificate of Registration.

The second section that has had a change is Box #5, COLOR. A new Color Chart has been developed and the new colors to be used are on the Registration Application. Please choose your base coat color, if applicable, fill in a Dilution, Modifier or Pattern. Many Breeders will only have to check one box, the base coat color. It is possible that a horse’s coat color could only be described by using one or more of the choices. It is not unusual in the Tennessee Walking Horse, that a horse’s coat color could be Black/Grey, Roan, and have a white Pattern of Tobiano/Sabino. Don’t forget that there are many genetic color tests available and more are being developed all the time.

We will be publishing a more in depth article on how to use the new Color Chart. Don’t forget that if choosing a Pattern, we will need a photograph of the front, back and both sides. Correctly identifying your horse’s color and faithfully reproducing his body markings helps you, the owner, to identify this animal if he or she is stolen or lost.

The recent storm Katrina proved how necessary, correct identification of our animals is during an emergency or catastrophic event. Our micro chipping products have not changed at the present time. As the International I.D. Program continues to be developed we will keep you informed when changes occur.

We as a breed don’t use Box “8”, SCARS, BRANDS, UNUSUAL MARKINGS very often but I want to encourage you in solid color animals that are easily mixed up, to put down their hair swirls as identifying marks. Even the location of a forehead swirl might help identify a solid colored individual.

Box “10” also went through some revisions. Notice that there is a new box “10A”. If you have used frozen semen in breeding this foal and you are not the owner of the Sire of Record, this box must be filled out and the Frozen Semen Certificate number and the actual Certificate must be attached to the Application for Registration. To learn more about the forms and policies that have been developed in regards to Frozen Semen go to the section called Frozen Semen Forms.

To sum all of these changes up, the Breeders’ Committee has worked long and hard to bring necessary changes to our forms. We hope that we have addressed many of the current issues in changing the forms. We know that there are still changes out there that will be necessary as our knowledge increases. We will continue to work to bring you the latest technology and advances in breeding. The next big change will be the Registry converting from Blood Typing in parentage identification to DNA. We hope to bring this change about in a smooth, orderly fashion, while decreasing cost. We welcome questions and sharing information and hope that if we can help you in any way, go to or call 1-800-359-1574 and ask for Customer Service.

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