TWHBEA Responds To ABC World News And Nightline


Lewisburg, TN - In response to recent reports on ABC World News and Nightline, the Tennessee Walking Horse Breeders’ And Exhibitors’ Association (TWHBEA) reaffirms its condemnation of any violation of the Horse Protection Act (HPA) and continues to support and promote the proper care and training of all Tennessee Walking Horses. TWHBEA commends the significant progress made by the industry’s USDA certified horse industry organizations in ensuring that only compliant horses are shown and enthusiastically supports all exhibitors‘ efforts to present only clean and healthy horses. “TWHBEA is committed to ensuring the welfare of every Tennessee Walking Horse, regardless of discipline. The Association continues to do everything in its power to ensure that all Tennessee Walking Horses are properly cared for,” says TWHBEA President Marty Irby.    


As the oldest and most prestigious Association devoted to the breed, TWHBEA is committed to doing everything in its capacity to champion the exhibition of sound horses that meet the guidelines of the HPA. TWHBEA is unequivocal in its stance that horse abuse should not be tolerated, and the Association fully endorses the rigorous but fair enforcement of the HPA by those that are tasked with doing so - the USDA and USDA certified horse industry organizations. The Association also supports any and all educational and enforcement efforts put forth by the governing body for professional Tennessee Walking Horse trainers - the Walking Horse Trainers’ Association. The Tennessee Walking Horse Breeders’ And Exhibitors’ Association is committed to working with these groups, in whatever capacity they desire, to ensure the general welfare of the Tennessee Walking Horse breed now and in the future.


For information about TWHBEA and the history and versatility of the Tennessee Walking Horse breed, please visit www.twhbea.com. For further information about the Walking Horse Trainers Association and the training of Tennessee Walking Horses please visit www.walkinghorsetrainers.com.




For further details or information, please contact (931) 359-1574.

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