2015 Lease Agreements

Lessor Lessee Horse's Name Date Of Lease
Bennie R. Moss Olivia Watts Oh Too Cool 03-15-15 to 08-01-15
Tammy Bokin Matt McWilliams A Siren's Call 04-20-15 to 04-20-16
Robert Deutsch Kayla Baucom Be My Baby 08-24-15 to 10-31-15
Alan Riddley Kayla Baucom Gas Monkey 08-24-15 to 10-31-15
Katherine Zeis Sandy Harris Get Ready 07-28-15 to 11-01-15
Proctor Dean Kayla Baucom I'm Dapper Dan 08-24-15 to 10-31-15
Lindy Holt  Liz Gassaway Jose's Grand Muchacha 08-02-15 to 09-20-15
Jessica Hlebak Kayla Baucom Labeled A Parolee 07-01-15 to 10-31-15
Alan Riddley Kayla Baucom Loose and Lucky Doc 08-24-15 to 10-31-15
Tessi Suiter Lauren Hamilton  Master of Encore 04-24-15 to 4-24-16
Proctor Dean  Kayla Baucom Miss Mexico 07-24-15 to 7-26-15
Carol Missildine Kayla Baucom Mr. Papirazzi 07-01-15 to 10-31-15
Ronald D. Carney & Bennie Moss Olivia Watts Oh Too Cool  03-15-15 to 05-10-15
Ola Archer Elsie & Courtney West Raining Gold  08-01-15 to 12-31-15
Bruce Macdonald Addie Harris Prime Poison 05-01-15 to 12-31-15
Tessia Suiter Lauren Hamilton Silverado's Blackjack 04-24-15 to 04-24-16
Leigh Stuart Jacob Baum Sky Jam 04-20-15-09-20-15
Irish Charm Farm/Holly Thrasher Addie Harris Starstruck Dollar 07-02-15 to 12-31-15
Bruce Macdonald Detha Yoder The Phenom 07-01-15 to 12-31-15
Tessia Suiter Lauren Hamilton Walk Hard 04-24-15 to 4-24-16
Julie Ripley-Miller Sophia Borg Crosby Baby Loves Cash 08-21-15 to 9-21-15
Jerry Myatt Chris Elliott Defending The Title 06-11-15 to 12-31-15
Delores Griffith Beth Alagna I'm Skyy Black 08-15-15 to 09-15-15
Tamara Hader Donna Hill Lime-A-Rita 08-22-15 to 09-10-15
Carol Canerday Watts/Dent Silver Shiraz 08-01-15 to 09-15-15
Fred Allred Tina Graves Strong Willed Lady 08-14-15 to 12-31-15
Kevin Posey  Michael D. Dent Tequila Cash 08-01-15 to 09-15-15
Jim Nichols & Fred Rowan II Lisa Baum Lined Up At The Ritz 07-04-15 to 12-15-15
Denise Calhoun David Bullock Label's Lucky Charm 08-01-15 to 12-31-15
Levi & Ashley Matthews Rachel Teague Look It Up 08-05-15 to 09-05-15
Evergreen Walking Horse Farm/Virginia Stewart Gayle Holcomb The Golden Sovereign 08-18-15 to 09-08-15
David Green Andy Rippy  Marquee Lights 08-21-15 to 09-12-15
Jim Holmes Stephanie Elliott Coach's Cheerleader 08-04-15 to 12-01-15




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