2014 Lease Agreements

Lessor Lessee Horse's Name Date Of Lease
Rising Star Ranch/Debbie or Frank Eichler Kaitlyn Rippy A Certified Deal 08-05-14 to 09-02-14
James/Kim Bailey Colton Trimble A Commanding Angel 08-01-14 to 12-31-15
Patty Marek/Gary Smith Karmen Miller  A Game Face 08-01-14 to 12-31-14
Charlotte Williams Jessica Lawwell A Pushover For Cash 08-01-14 to 09-01-14
Tony Redmon Family Alicia McDaniel A Total Champion 07-18-14 to 12-31-15
Jana Anderson Jordan Howell Absolut Sky  08-18-14 to 9-15-14
Gerald W. Buckland  Sarah Compton  Bad Man Jose' 08-23-14 to 09-01-14
S&P LLC Ashley Pollack Bella Sera at the Ritz 08-28-14 to 09-01-15
Diana M Popp Jesse O'Dell Boston Bay 08-15-14 to 09-15-14
Anne & Nancy Evans Jayden Jackson  Contemporary Jazz 08-20-14 to 10-01-14
Anne & Nancy Evans Ashley Gray Contemporary Jazz 08-20-14 to 10-01-14
Dr. Jack Kwok Jesse O'Dell Cowboy on Parole 08-15-14 to 09-15-14
Bruce Macdonald Addie Harris Prime Poison  08-01-14 to 12-31-14 
Jana Anderson  Jordan Howell  Pushing For Jazz  08-18-14 to 09-15-14 
Dr. Jack Kwok  Jesse O'Dell  Rodeo Drive  08-15-14 to 09-15-14 
George Ann Pratt  Meghan Y. Callaway  Samsung  08-15-14 to 09-14-14 
Harold Roberts  Molly Vaughn  She's Pushin in Line  08-01-14 to 09-01-14 
Debbie Brown  Lake Weaver  The Ghost Walker  08-01-14 to 09-15-14 
Debbie Brown  Victoria Kalosis  The Ghost Walker   08-01-14 to 09-15-14  
Virginia Stewart  Gayle Holcomb  The Golden Sovereign  08-01-14 to 09-04-14 
Bill Bailey  Kayla Baucom  The Royal Titleist  08-20-14 to 08-30-14 
Karen Bean   Miles Irby   Tonic  08-01-14 to 09-01-14 
Vickie Penick Jesse O'Dell Crystal Lining 08-15-14 to 09-15-14
Glenn Flippo  Mia Thomas Dixie Weaver 07-15-14 to 09-30-14
Jack Bolozky Robert Cortner Don't Have A Clue 08-15-14 to 09-15-14
Katherine/Steve Zeis Julie Carlson Etta James By TJB 08-23-14 to 09-01-14
Terry Dotson  Reily Miller  Fenway Finesse 08-20-14 to 09-01-14
William Bradford Lisa Weaver GiGi's Majestic 08-19-14 to 09-01-14
James & Dawn Payne  Landon Callicut Good Till The Last Drop  08-02-14 to 09-02-14
James & Dawn Payne  John Callicutt Good Till The Last Drop  08-02-14 to 09-02-14
James & Dawn Payne  Kayla Baucom Good Till The Last Drop  08-22-14 to 09-01-14
Carole Hargett Jesse O'Dell I Can't Imagine 08-15-14 to 09-15-14
Larry & Mike Floyd Kelly Dunn I'm a Silver Fox  08-25-14 to 08-31-15
JoAnn Dowell Susan Coleman I'm Mayhem 07-15-14 to 12-31-14
Ronnie Blakley Riley Conner I'm A Specialist 08-20-14 to 09-02-14
Robert Deutsch Nick Rippy I'm Moonlighting 08-29-14 to 08-30-14
Robert Deutsch Kayla Baucom I'm Moonlighting 08-20-14 to 08-30-14
Denise Maples Summer Compton I'm Redeemed 08-15-14 to 09-15-14
Ben Beard Todd Fisher I'm Ritz and Dangerous 08-04-14 to 11-20-14
Donna B Tillett Michael Dent I'm Sky High Jose 08-04-14 to 09-01-14
Bruce Macdonald  Addie Harris John F K's Pusher 02-20-14 to 12-31-15
Est. of Hoyte Eakes Sally M. Reiley Johnny Ritz 08-23-14 to 08-30-14
Denise Calhoun Davany Bullock Label's Lucky Charm 07-01-14 to 12-31-14
Joe & Betty Alvarez Brenda Bell Labeled at Midnight 07-01-14 to 07-01-15
Bob/Linda Imler Brooklyn Wheelon Lady Vol  08-22-14 to 08-30-14
Dr. Jack Kwok Jesse O'Dell Luv in the Air 08-15-14 to 09-15-14
Tamara Hadar Jesse O'Dell Mango-Rita 08-15-14 to 09-15-14
Janne Chapman Jesse O'Dell More Horse Power 08-15-14 to 09-15-14
Allison Thorson  Mackenzie Morgan  My Black Cadillac 08-17-14 to 08-31-14
Gary & Carolyn Pope  Kayla Baucom On the Loose & Armed 08-22-14 to 08-31-14
Kimble Tew  Claudia Gribble  One Fine Line 08-15-14 to 09-15-14
Belvie Jordan Jesse O'Dell Paroled in Tennessee 08-15-14 to 09-15-14
Kimberly Coult  Molly Vaugh Perfect Titleist  08-01-14 to 09-01-14
Jannie Chapman  Jesse O'Dell Petal Pushing Jazz 08-15-14 to 09-15-14
Lamar Depoyster  Belinda Mendenhall  Wicked Endeavor  08-18-14 to 09-15-14  
Kathy Anderson & Candy Kluth  Kaitlyn Rippy  Wicked Jolene  08-05-14 to 09-02-14  




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