2013 Lease Agreements

Lessor Lessee Horse's Name Date Of Lease
Ann King William Bowers A Star N Dixie 02-24-13 to 02-24-14
Lexie "Alexis" Stinnett Julia Livingston Beneath the Smoke 07-01-13 to 07-01-14
Paula Aulton Candee Newman C and T's Pride and Joy 05-19-13 to 09-19-14
Jennifer Brown Lee Megan E. Garren Fame's Royal Rascal 04-01-13 to 11-31-14
Justin Mantis Dominique Shifs Kick Start Jazz 05-21-13 to 05-21-14
Allison Thorson Tina J. Weber Dancing Under The Stars 05-01-13 to 12-31-13
Rhonda Boggess Adrianne Boggess Colloredo 04-01-13 to 12-31-13
Rising Star Ranch Nancy S. Sorrells Main Powerhouse 03-15-13 to 10-31-13
Heather McCormick James R. Kelley Major G's Hard Cash Girl Until Further Notice
Tamara D. Hader Susan Clark Miss Lady Antebellum 05-23-13 to 05-23-14
Mary Joe Hodges/Mary H. Stewart Kathereryn A. Massey Rhythm Raven 02-23-13 to 02-23-14
Sandy Shumate Alison R. Britt Spin My Money 01-01-13 to 12-31-13
Debbie Brown Krista Gerber The Ghost Walker 05-24-13 to 10-01-13
Marilee Moran Sue Brussy Tispy By Noon 08-01-13 to 12-31-13
Benjamin Gray Lauren Tillman Crooked Line 07-31-13 to 07-31-14
Debbie Brown Ty Irby The Ghost Walker 08-06-13 to 10-01-13
Duane & Connie Ripple Jimmy Nichols Titleist Pretty Boy Floyd 07-21-13 to 12-31-13
Kyle & Elaine Elliott Sarah Eerkes She's Designed to Push 08-06-13 to 11-28-13
Kyle Elliott Sarah Eerkes A Jazz Fest 08-06-13 to 11-28-13
Carole Hargett Ashley Shelton To Honor and Serve 08-08-13 to 08-28-13
Ronald K Morton Jennifer Broodhurst Hold On And Watch Out 07-15-13 to 09-30-14
Roger & Barbara Jenkins Jessica Lawwell Walk On Command 08-14-13 to 01-01-14
Billy & Debbie Woods Ronnie Stanfill Jose's Bambino 08-01-13 to 09-01-13
David Green Miles Irby The Chipshot 08-10-13 to 09-10-13
Kasey Kesslring and Joe Lester Allix Lowe La Patrona 08/01/13 to 10/01/13
Sherri Pollack Michael Chandlor Jose' Up 08/20/13 to 09/02/13
Sherri Pollack Michael Chandlor I'm A Jazz Thing 08/20/13 to 09/02/13
Sherri Pollack Scott Dolbec Zulu 08/20/13 to 09/20/13
Sherri Pollack Scott Dolbec Willie Do 08/20/13 to 09/02/13
Steve Zeis Kyle Elliot King Pleasure 08/20/13 to 09/13/13
Frankie Roark Sandy Shumate Bobby Boucher 08/23/13 to 09/04/13
Kathy Zeis Brooklyn Wheelon/Ashlea Shepard Five O' Clock Somewhere 08/23/13 to 08/23/13
Jordan Howell James Abernathy Honey Badger 08/21/13 to 08/31/13
Jim Holmes Lauren Hamilton Coach's Cheerleader 03/12/13 to 12/31/13
Sandra G. Riffey Lauren Hamilton Motown's Showed Again 03/12/13 to 12/31/13
Elysse Bradford Jordan Howell GiGi's Majestic 08/15/13 to 09/15/13
George-Ann Pratt Brad Spivey Reflection in Gin 08/01/13 to 11/30/13
Jana Anderson Jordan Howell Absolut Skyy 08/15/13 to 09/15/13
Jason Myatt Jennifer Bingham Vindicated 08/12/13 to 09/12/13
Jason Myatt Whitlei Green Vindicated 08/15/13 to 09/15/13
Dr. Jana Anderson Krysta Allen Wicked Endeavor 08/15/13 to 09/15/13
Doris Penick Darrin Sisk A Major Gold Strike 08/05/13 to 09/04/13
Joyce Meadows Stephanie Elliott Breakin' Parole 08/27/13 to 10/01/13
S&P LLC-Sherri Pollack Ashley Pollack Bella Sera at the Ritz 08/01/13 to 09/03/13




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