4/27/17: Attention Tennessee Walking Horse Owners!

4/4/17: Congratulations 2016 TWHBEA Geldings Opportunities Program Winners!

4/4/17: Congratulations 2016 TWHBEA Motivated Mares Program Winners!

4/4/17: Congratulations 2016 TWHBEA Versatility Program High Point Winners!

4/4/17: Congratulations 2016 International High Point Program Winners!

3/28/17: TWHBEA Joins The Fight With Relay For Life

2/22/17: Members-Only Programs TWHBEA Offers

1/5/17: TWHBEA Saddened by the Loss of Chad Baucom

1/4/17: TWHBEA Committee Request Form

12/12/16: Reserve Ads Now In The 2017 Sire Summary

12/8/16: Generator's Silver Dollar

 12/6/16: Congratulations 2016 TWHBEA International High Point Winners

12/6/16: Newly Elected 2017 TWHYA Officers

12/6/16: Congratulations to the TWHBEA 2016 Awards Banquet Recipients!

12/5/16: Newly Elected 2017 TWHBEA Executive Committee

12/3/16: 2017 New Fees Schedule

 11/14/16: Nominating Panel Selects 2017 Executive Committee

10/27/16: New Directors Elected for International Board

10/13/16: November 1 Deadline for TWHBEA Programs

10/13/16: Motivated Mares and Geldings Opportunities Programs to Continue 

10/3/16: TWHBEA Futurity Stud Fee Online Auction Current Bids on Stallions

9/20/16: TWHBEA to offer On-Line Stud Fee Auction

9/8/16: European Champions Clinic – 16 - 18 September, 2016.  9.00 – 15.00 each day

8/25/16: TWHBEA National Futurity Results

8/24/16: 2016 World Series Championship Results


8/16/16: 2-Year-Old Trail Pleasure Specialty class 24A added to the TWHBEA World Series Championship

8/8/16: 2016 TWHYA Creative Contest Winners

 8/3/16: He's Puttin' On The Ritz

8/1/16: Today August 1 is the Deadline for Everything Concerning the Nominations for the Futurity

8/1/16: Today August 1 is the last day for TWHBEA BOD Candidacy Declaration

8/1/16: Walking Horse folks MUST act NOW to save our industry

7/27/16: About the Proposed Rule

7/26/16: Congratulations to all 2016 TWHBEA World Series Versatility Championship Winners!

7/15/16: Marshall County Horseman’s Association Horse Show

7/14/16: Tennessee Walking Horse Breeders’ Foundation – 501c3 Official

7/14/16: Loss of Wicked Master

7/13/16: TWHBEA World Versatility & World Series Championship Shows

7/11/16: TWHBEA to Elect 20 Directors Candidacy Declaration Deadline August 1, 2016

6/21/16: Loss of Larry Lowman

5/10/16: Attention Exhibitors, Owners & Trainers

3/01/16:TWHBEA World Series Championship Qualifying Show Affiliation

1/19/16:2016 Motion to Change Corporate Rule 4 

1/07/16:Committee Appointment Letter

11/30/15:TWHBEA Award Banquet Reminder

11/17/15: Membership Increases at TWHBEA

11/16/15: Nominating Panel Selects 2016 Executive Committee

10/19/15: Phone Messages

10/13/15: Ballot Return Deadline Reminder

 8/18/15: TWHBEA to Offer On-Line Stud Fee Auction

 8/6/15: All Youth Day Judging Contest

7/13/15: Belfast Makes Change In Judging

7/02/15: TWHBEA Supports Fiona Rose Murphy Foundation Trail Ride & EXCA National Championship

6/29/15: Bob Gray Featured by TWHBEA

6/22/15:Belfast Adds Halter Classes

6/09/15:Looking For a Horse, Let TWHBEA Help for Free

6/04/15:Directors’ Positions to be Elected

6/04/15: 2015 Memorial Day Trail Ride at Ravenswood Farm

5/25/15: The Darrah Weanling and Yearling Classes: New Additions to the TWHBEA National Futurity

5/14/15: TWHBEA Announces New Selling Features

4/30/15:  30 Day Notice of Amendment to Corporate Rule 29

3/18/15: Versatility Top Ten High Point Winners for 2014

2/10/15: Tennessee Walking Horse Portraits Greet Welcome Center Visitors

Congratulations to our Motivated Mare Winners for 2014!

 Congratulations to our Go! Gelding Winners for 2014!

1/05/15: TWHBEA Committee Appointment Assignment

12/10/14: 2014 TWHBEA Award Winners

12/8/14: TWHBEA Board Elects Executive Committee for 2015

9/24/14: Futurity Inspection Report  

7/29/14: TWHBEA World Versatility Show Results and High Point Winners

7/28/14: TWHBEA to Assist in Celebration Entry Requirements  

7/28/14: Support TWHYA Fundraiser

7/22/14: Tennessee Walking Horse National Celebration Announces Veterinary Advisory Committee

7/09/14: TWHBEA to Receive Revenue from Tennessee Walking Horse License Plates

7/01/14: TWHBEA Special Time Relief/Price Break Still In Effect

6/30/14: TWHBEA World Versatility Show Names Judge

6/19/14: TWHBEA to Elect 27 Directors-Candidacy Declaration Deadline August 1, 2014

6/17/14: New Fee Changes Beginning August 1

6/10/14: TWHBEA Partners with BluePrint Marketing LLC to Produce Voice Magazine

6/10/14: Proposed Charter Amendment

6/05/14: Proposed Bylaw Changes Without Omissions 

6/05/14: Proposed Bylaw Changes with Omissions

6/02/14: TWHBEA Announces Membership Drive

6/02/14: TWHBEA Resets Late Fees Clock as of June 1

6/02/14: Change in Corporate Rule 27

5/28/14: TWHBEA Board Approves 2013 Audit

5/20/14: National Futurity's Return to Original Format Promises Excitement 

4/30/14: Semi Annual Board Of Directors Meeting Schedule

 4/22/14: Copyright Reminder

4/21/14: Change in Corporate Rule 4

4/2/14: TWHBEA Supports Alexander, Isakson, McConnell, and Paul Legislation

3/31/14 Notice of  New Rule

3/31/14 Change In Corporate Rule 1.04

3/24/14: A Letter sent to The American Horse Council explaining the difference between the Whitfield Bill and the Blackburn Bill

3/13/14: Facebook Online Auction to Benefit the Fiona Rose Murphey Foundation

3/04/14:Change Made In Age Requirement For Elite Versatility Division

3/04/14: TWHBEA Announces Dates for 2014 World Versatility Show                   

2/28/14:Proper Registrations and Ownership Required at 46th Annual Walking Horse Trainers Show

2/27/14: TWHBEA Endorses Blackburn Legislation

2/07/14: California Members Dismiss Lawsuit against TWHBEA

2/06/14: TWHBEA Reinstates Fran Cole’s Membership

2/06/14: TWHBEA Hires Winnett Associates

2/05/14: Congratulations Versatility Top Ten High Point Winners


2/03/14: TWHBEA Staff Focused On Positive Promotion

2/03/14: TWHBEA California Recall Effort Fails

1/30/14: TWHBEA President Steve Smith Undergoes Successful Surgery

1/28/14: Court's Order Denying Temporary Restraining Order in Cole vs. TWHBEA

1/27/14: TWHBEA Extends Condolences To Family and Friends of Buddy Moore

1/20/14: TWHBEA Takes Steps Toward Sound Financial Health

1/16/14: Slush Creeks Jubal S

1/2/14: Reminder: Extended Office Hours Begin January 3, 2014!

12/30/13: TWHBEA Recognizes Top Sires and Dams of 2013

12/19/13: TWHBEA Headquarters to Extend Office Hours in 2014

12/19/13: TWHBEA Holiday Schedule

12/16/13: Larry Starnes Named TWHBEA Member of the Year

12/16/13: TWHBEA Recognizes Anderson As Master Breeder

12/16/13: Gary Holt Named TWHBEA Pleasure Horse Ambassador

12/16/13: Crawford Named TWHBEA Performance Horse Ambassador

12/16/13: Bachert Receives TWHBEA Youth Ambassador Award

12/16/13: Jeff Givens Honored With TWHBEA Friendship Award

12/11/13: Congratulations 2013 Motivated Mares Winners

12/11/13: Congratulations 2013 GO! Gelding Winners

12/9/13: TWHBEA Board Elects Executive Committee

11/19/13: TWHBEA Master Breeder Award Recipient Announced

 11/14/13: TWHBEA Nominating Committee Issues Report

11/13/13: Indiana Runoff 2013 Annual Board of Directors Election

11/7/13: Horses Needed For Metro Nashville Mounted Patrol

10/30/13: Indiana Members of TWHBEA

10/28/13: Cornelius Takes the Role as TWHBEA President

10/22/13: Reminder!! All TWHBEA Versatility Point Books and Distance Log Books are due in the TWHBEA office November 1st.

10/22/13: Condolences to Sam Stockett Family and Friends 

10/15/13: A Letter from Buster Black

10/9/13 :Reminder of October 15th Deadlines

10/7/13 :TWHBEA Extends Condolences

9/18/13: TWHBEA Election Clarification



9/16/13: Notice to Minnesota Members Regarding Upcoming Elections


9/12/13: Dear TWHBEA Member from Alabama

9/10/13: Notice to Tennessee Members Regarding Upcoming Elections

9/5/13: Notice of New Rule: Corporate Rule 26: Regulations Governing Awards and Special Recognition

9/4/13: TWHBEA International Board of Directors Decision 2013

9/4/13: Service Horse Competition To Be Held At Tennessee State Fair

9/3/13: Congratulations To I Am Jose And Casey Wright

8/20/13: Notice of New Rule

8/20/13: TWHBEA Headquarters Open Extended Hours 

8/6/13: TWHBEA Clarifies Election Procedure

8/5/13: TWHBEA World Versatility Show Supported By Numerous Sponsors

8/1/13: Legislation to Eliminate Soring Introduced in Senate

2013 Futurity Results

2013 World Versatility Show Results

7/30/13: A Bright Future Showcased At National Futurity

7/30/13: World Versatility Show Sets Record Yet Again

7/23/13: TWHBEA Executive Committee Elects New President

7/16/13: TWHBEA Clarifies National Futurity Affiliation

7/15/13: Clarification Regarding TWHBEA World Versatility Show and National Futurity

7/11/13: TWHBEA Issues Statement on McConnell Case    

7/11/13: Service Horse Competition To Be Held During TWHBEA World Versatility Show


7/3/13: Valuable Sponsorship Opportunities Abound


6/25/13: TWHBEA Versatility Program Expanded and New Rider's Distance Program Introduced


6/25/13: World Versatility Show Entry Form


6/24/13: TWHBEA Executive Committee Tabs Boyd As New Executive Director

6/18/13: TWHBEA World Versatility Show and National Futurity Reminders

6/12/13:  TWHBEA Silver Sponsor of NETC 2013

6/6/13: TWHBEA To Elect 25 Directors

6/5/13: TWHBEA World Versatility Show and National Futurity Judges Named

5/29/13: Only One Month Left!

5/27/13: A Statement from TWHBEA President Tracy Boyd 

5/22/13:TWHBEA Grace Period Ends July 1, 2013: WHOA To Require Correct Papers

5/15/13:Walking Horse Clubs Join Together to Promote The Pleasure Horse in the West

5/14/13: TWHBEA Senior Vice President Black Selected As Magistrate Judge

5/9/13: WHOA Affiliated Shows To Require TWHBEA Registration Papers

5/8/13: TWHBEA's Tracy Boyd and Ron Thomas to be Featured guest on Equestrian Legacy Radio Thursday May 9th 12 pm CST!

5/8/13: Tennessee Walking Horses A Main Attraction At Mane Event

4/30/13: Join Or Renew And Be Counted


4/24/13: Marshall County Horsemen’s Associations first Academy/Versatility Show

 4/19/13: TWHBEA Enjoys Successful Equine Affaire

4/10/13: TWHBEA Invites You To A Day Long Performance Horse Summit

4/10/13: Act Now To Take Advantage Of New And Exciting Opportunities At TWHBEA 

4/10/13: TWHBEA to Institute Unfortunate Decrease in Employee Compensation

 4/5/13: Date Rescheduled for Performance Horse Summit

 4/1/13: Gaited Horse Clinic and Open House At Darby Oaks

3/26/13:Vendor Space Available At World Versatility Show And National Futurity  

3/18/13: TWHBEA Introduces New Service Horse Program

3/13/13: Congratulations 2012 Versatility High Point Top Ten Winners

3/13/13: Tennessee Walking Horse Numbers Reveal Slowing Downward Trend

3/12/13: 2013 TWHBEA National Futurity Takes Shape

3/5/13: TWHBEA Performance Horse Summit – Open Meeting and Slight Postponement


3/4/13: TWHBEA Introduces Incentives


3/1/13: TWHBEA Representatives Attend USLGE Meetings


2/28/13: Midnight Sun Statue Returns to Dixie Plantation


2/28/13: FFA Group Visits TWHBEA


2/14/13: TWHBEA Bids Farewell To Midnight Sun Statue


2/1/13:  TWHBEA Congratulates Kristen Wilson - Touch Of Class Award Recipient and Newly Named UK Equine Academic Coordinator

2/1/13: Email Updating

1/7/13: Dates Confirmed For 2013 TWHBEA World Versatility Show And National Futurity

1/2/13: TWHBEA Releases Results Of H.R. 6388 Survey

12/17/12: TWSHO Presents Unified Structure

12/10/12: TWHBEA Committee Appointment Letter

12/7/12: TWHBEA Honored By Marshall County Chamber Of Commerce

 12/7/12: Baskin-Irby Supports TWHBEA’s Micah Care


12/7/12: President Tracy Boyd Extends Lifetime Membership Offer 

12/6/12: TWHBEA Annual Awards Banquet Recipients

12/6/12: TWHBEA Congratulates 2012 Master Breeder Burt Hunter

12/6/12: TWHBEA Congratulates 2012 Master Breeder Larry Gribble

12/6/12: TWHBEA Congratulates 2012 Master Breeder Betty Freeman

12/6/12: TWHBEA Congratulates 2012 Master Breeder Paige Edwards

12/6/12: TWHBEA Congratulates 2012 Master Breeder Hoyte Eakes

12/6/12: TWHBEA Congratulates 2012 Member Of The Year Frank Neal

12/6/12:TWHBEA Congratulates 2012 Presidential Award Recipient Walt Chism

12/6/12: TWHBEA Congratulates 2012 Reese L. Smith, Jr. Award Recipient Sheryl Crawford

12/6/12: TWHBEA Congratulates 2012 Pleasure Horse Ambassador Sherrie Szucs

12/6/12: TWHBEA Congratulates 2012 Performance Horse Ambassador Senator Robin Webb

12/6/12: TWHBEA Congratulates 2012 Youth Ambassador Larry Lowman

12/5/12: TWHBEA Holds Year End Meetings

12/4/12: Motivated Mares Program Winners for 2012

12/4/12: Go! Gelding Program Winners for 2012

12/4/12: 2012 TWHBEA InterNational High Point Awards United States 

12/4/12: Introducing the 2013 TWHBEA Executive Committee

12/3/12: Blood Typing Phase Out Reminder

12/1/12: My Final Day as President

11/30/12: The Future of Our Breed

11/29/12: The Generation of Change

11/28/12: Informative Tax Seminar

11/28/12: Where We Are Today

11/27/12: The Wisdom of the Past

11/26/12: Intro from President Marty Irby

11/21/12: TWHBEA Responds To AVMA And AAEP

11/20/12: TWHBEA Officials Attend Legislative Meeting


11/20/12: AAEP, AVMA Call for Passage of H.R. 6388 - Amendments to the Horse Protection Act


11/19/12: TWHBEA Remains Committed To Sound Horses In Every Discipline

11/19/12:TWHBEA Offers Membership Incentives

11/15/12: Skyjacker's Mountain High ("Tuff") and Tracy Pinson Win Second Extreme Cowboy Race World Championship

11/12/12: 2013 Nominating Committee Slate of Officers

11/5/12: TWHBEA To Honor Top Achievers At High Point Luncheon And Awards Banquet

11/2/12: TWHBEA Unveils Gift Shop Updates


10/26/12: NOTICE!! All TWHBEA Versatility Point Books and Distance Log Books are due in the TWHBEA office November 1st.

10/19/12:TWHBEA Master Breeder Award Recipients Announced

10/18/12: 2012 Election Results

10/5/12: Attention All Cooks: Last Chance To Submit Your Favorite Recipe!

10/5/12: Attend Equine Extravaganza And Support TWHBEA

10/5/12: Walking Horses Needed for Nashville/Metro Mounted Patrol Unit

9/26/12: TWHBEA Numbers Reveal Uptrend In Breeding

9/21/12: TWHBEA Opposes Horse Protection Amendments Act of 2012

9/21/12: New Pavers Installed At TWHBEA Commemorative Garden

9/12/12: Reps. Whitfield, Cohen to Discuss Bill that Strengthens the Horse Protection Act

9/10/12: Moonlight Trail Ride

8/30/12: Important Upcoming Dates On The TWHBEA Calendar 

8/23/12: USDA Announces Recent Animal Welfare Act and Horse Protection Act Enforcement Actions

8/13/12: Vote And Make Your Voice Heard

8/9/12: APHIS Stakeholder Survey Summary 

8/6/12: Notice of Rule Change

8/1/12: Loyd Hall Black, Jr., Appointed to American Horse Council Animal Welfare Committee

7/30/12: Horse Industry Organization Decertification Process by Flowchart

7/23/12: TWHBEA World Versatility Show Races To New Record

 7/20/12:National Futurity Results

7/20/12:National Futurity Proves Successful

7/11/12:Don't Forget!! TWHBEA National Futurity July 19th, 2012 at 6:00pm

7/10/12: Nomination Numbers Encouraging For National Futurity

6/28/12: Clarification Regarding Horse Protection Penalty Protocol

 6/22/12: Free Clinic at Miller Coliseum Saturday, June 30, 2012

6/22/12: Secretary Vilsack's Response to Past President

6/18/12: TWHBEA Board Of Directors Candidacy Declaration Deadline: August 1, 2012

6/14/12: President Irby’s Response to Nashville Tennessean

 6/13/12: High Point Awards Enhanced For 2012 World Versatility Show

6/7/12: TWHBEA Introduces Motivated Mares Program

6/01/12: TWHBEA Hosts Successful Semi-Annual Meetings

5/31/12: Important June Deadlines

5/30/12: Introducing The Year Of Midnight Sun

5/29/12: TWHBEA Introduces Online Registration

5/25/12: Letter To The Editor from President Irby

5/25/12: TWHBEA Withdraws From Unity Committee

5/25/12: The Pushover Laid To Rest

5/24/12: A letter to the Editor:

5/24/12: TWHBEA Takes Action

5/18/12: TWHBEA Clarifies Its Role In the Tennessee Walking Horse Industry

5/17/12: TWHBEA Responds To Nightline Report

5/11/12: TWHBEA/SOCA Extreme Cowboy Race Attracts Top Contenders From Throughout Southeast

5/2/12: Go For The Glory! Nominate Your Foal To The National Futurity!

 5/2/12: Unity Committee Invitation

4/23/12: Mike Hicks Selected To Serve as TWHBEA Performance Horse Vice President 

4/23/12: TWHBEA wants to know about your senior Tennessee Walking Horse

4/18/12: Unity Committee Moves Forward

4/17/12: Tennessee Walking Horses Strut at Equine Affaire Ohio

4/11/12: Tennessee Walking Horses of Today Equine Conference

4/11/12: Tom Kakassy Resigns from Executive Committee

4/2/12: Stakeholder Announcement: Previous Versions of Animal Care Inspection Guide Replaced

3/30/12: TWHBEA Travels the Road to the Horse

3/27/12: TWHBEA Offer Lifetime Memberships For Only $795

3/27/12: USDA Announces recent Animal Welfare Act and Horse Protection Act Enforcement Actions

3/22/12: Excitement Key As National Futurity Preparations Continue

3/20/12: Breaking News: TWHBEA Names 2012 Judges

03/20/12:FAST Donates To TWHBEA Academy And Youth Programs

03/15/12: Don't Forget to Respond to APHIS' Stakeholder Survey

3/13/12: Attention All Cooks! Recipes Due April 1!

3/13/12: 2012 TWHBEA Academy Show March 24, 2012 Class Schedule

3/13/12: TWHBEA Identifies Financial Positives And Concerns

3/13/12: Grooming The Midnight Sun Statue

 3/12/12: The Pushover 1979 - 2012 

3/8/12: USDA Listening Sessions - Let Us Know You Will Attend!

3/5/12: Unity Committee Press Release

2/29/12: Statement by TWHBEA President Marty Irby

2/29/12: This memo was sent to the Chattanooga Times Free Press in response to their recent article

2/29/12: Dr. Steve Mullins sent a very appropriate response to the Chattanooga Times Free Press.  We are delighted for his permission to place it on our website.

2/29/12: TWHBEA Leaders Address Collegiate Horseman’s Association

2/29/12: Department of Labor Finalizes Changes to H-2B Visa Program

2/27/12: USDA APHIS Horse Protection Program Listening Sessions

2/27/12: Congratulations 2011 Versatility High Point Top Ten Winners

2/27/12: Webcast Instructions for Today's APHIS Stakeholder Meeting

2/23/12: Letter From President Irby

2/23/12: National Futurity Plans Highlight Mutual Support

2/17/12: Update from Chester Gipson, Animal Care Deputy Administrator regarding the posting of amended versus original inspection reports on APHIS’ website

2/17/12: Why Registrations And Transfers Are Important...

2/16/17: Unified Horse Show Development Program News Release

2/15/12: News Alert! Date Set For TWHBEA National Futurity

2/11/12:  TWHNC CEO Search

2/8/12: Walking Horse Chat To Live Stream National Futurity And World Versatility Show

2/6/12: TWHBEA is Extremely Encouraged by the Recent Unity Committee Meeting

2/4/12: TWHBEA To Move National Futurity

2/1/12: Metro Nashville Mounted Patrol Needing a Good Natured Horse

1/23/12: Tennessee Walking Horses Impress In Poland

1/17/12: TWHBEA Clarifies Napier’s Role

1/17/12: TWHBEA Receives Sponsorships From Delta Fall Classic Horse Show

1/9/12: Unity Committee Meets

1/9/12: TWHBEA Appoints New Secretary

1/5/12: TWHBEA Benefits From Past Presidents’ Meeting

1/3/12: Registrar and Secretary Sharon Brandon Retires From TWHBEA




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