TWHBEA Executive Committee Approves Changes To Versatility Program

Lewisburg, TN - At the meeting held June 30, 2011, the Tennessee Walking Horse Breeders’ and Exhibitors’ Association (TWHBEA) Executive Committee approved three changes to the TWHBEA Versatility Program. Each of these changes was previously approved by vote by the

TWHBEA Pleasure Horse Committee. The changes are as follows:

1)    The TWHBEA Versatility Program will be expanded to include an Elite Versatility Division for riders 60 years old and over. The requirements for this division will be the same as those for the youth division with the exception that elite riders will be allowed to ride stallions, mares and geldings. Points already earned in the adult division will not transfer to the elite division and riders 60 years old and over may choose to remain in the adult division under those rules and awards.

2)    Item 12 under Eligibility in the Versatility Rule Book will now read: It is the responsibility of each competitor to make sure all rules as stated in the TWHBEA Versatility Rule Book are followed. The TWHBEA Versatility Rule Book supersedes all other rulebooks for competitors who wish to have points from a particular show or event counted for the TWHBEA Versatility Program. All points must be recorded in an official TWHBEA Versatility Program Point Book for each horse/rider combination. The name and address of the show secretary must be clearly written in the point book for each show and a premium list for each show must accompany the point book when it is turned in. For Dressage, a copy of each score sheet and test must be submitted with the point book. For points in competitive rides, endurance rides, and judged trail rides, a copy of the ride announcement should accompany the point book. For points in promotion, written proof of the event should be submitted with the point book. This can include an event program, media announcement, or letter of participation signed by an appropriate official. For points in Extreme Sport, an event program and copy of the event results must accompany the point book. TWHBEA encourages all HIO’s and shows with Walking Horse Versatility classes to recognize the TWHBEA Versatility Rule Book as the Breed Standard. TWHBEA encourages participation in 4-H and open all breed shows.  

3)    Ribbon Race will be added as an approved class under Untimed Game Events with the following class description and point allocation. The ribbon race is an event involving two mounted competitors who carry a piece of crepe paper ribbon between them. The goal of the event is to not break the ribbon or let go of it. The last team to be holding an intact ribbon is the winner. The placings will be assigned in reverse of the order of teams that loose or break their ribbon (example - the first team to loose or break their ribbon will receive the last tie, the second team to loose or break their ribbon will receive the second to last tie, etc.). The judge may call for any or all gaits and patterns to be done at any gait. The length of the ribbon may be shortened at the discretion of the judge as the class proceeds. Any team may be disqualified if they do not follow gait changes or patterns as called by the judge. Points for the Versatility Program may be earned by both members of the team and will be determined by the placing of the team and the number of teams in the class as per “How Points Are Awarded “ (page 3 of the TWHBEA Versatility Rule Book 2010 and Beyond).




For further details or information, please contact (931) 359-1574.

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