A Call for Support

As we all know, the Tennessee Walking Horse community is extremely generous. Due to decisions and events of the past several years, the time has now come to call on that inherent generosity to help conquer the many fiscal challenges facing the Tennessee Walking Horse Breeders’ and Exhibitors’ Association. These funds cannot possibly be made up in $60 membership fees, even over the next five to 10 years. Our goal is to restore our reserves to six month’s operating expenses ($702,000). The only way to accomplish this is through the generosity of the Tennessee Walking Horse community. If every member (7,564 people) provide sponsorships of $100 each, our reserves would grow to $800,000.

The goal of TWHBEA is always to serve its membership through state of the art registry services with the utmost integrity, top-flight programs that showcase all facets of the Tennessee Walking Horse, educational opportunities for students of all ages, and promotional efforts that increase the market for our great breed. All of these goals are currently in jeopardy due to our tenuous financial situation.  Therefore we are calling on the Tennessee Walking Horse community for support.

Sponsorships may be made over the phone or by conventional mail. Those wishing to help have the option of choosing where they want their money to go, from general operating expenses to specific programs. Additionally, sponsorships may be made in honor of an individual or horse. For more information contact Kristen Stegall via email at kstegall@twhbea.com or by phone at (931) 359-0592(931) 359-0592.










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