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The Tennessee Walking Horse Breeders' & Exhibitors' Association is the oldest and most prestigious of organizations devoted to the promotion of the breed. Its primary purpose is to record the pedigrees of Tennessee Walking Horses and work to maintain the purity of the breed. The TWHBEA is also dedicated to promoting greater awareness of the breed and its unique qualities, to encourage the expansion of the breed, and to help assure the general welfare of all Tennessee Walking Horses.

Anyone may become a member of the Association subject to approval by the Executive Committee. Breeders, owners, trainers, exhibitors or others interested in the breed are sure to benefit from the many advantages of membership.

Membership does have its advantages and primary among them is the privilege of conducting business at reduced rates. New foal registrations, transfers, blood typing kits, certified pedigrees, duplicate certificates, name changes and other services are yours, as a member, at lower rates than non-members' rates. In some cases, the savings is more than half.

Additionally, as a member, you are entitled to educational opportunities and research services that are not made available to non-members of the Association. Membership also extends your accessibility to regularly updated information about activities of the breed.

Free of charge, all family, adult, young adult and lifetime members receive the colorful Voice Magazine. This official breed journal of the Tennessee Walking Horse is published ten times a year including the Sire Summary and the Special Edition.

Youth membership is based on the calendar year, with dues payable January 1st of each year. Youth members do not receive the Voice. They are entitled to transact business at membership rates and participate in many youth activities available to members only.

Young Adult Membership is available for those who are between the ages of 18 and 21. The cost of this membership is $60 beginning on January 1 following the 18th birthday and lasts until January 1 following the 21st birthday. Young Adult Members receive the Voice™ Magazine but do not have voting rights with the TWHBEA.


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Membership Levels


$100 per year, includes two adults and all household children under the age of 18. Comparable to full adult memberships, benefits available at this time for Family Memberships include one subscription to the Voice Magazine, voting privileges for two, access to all TWHBEA programs and the ability to conduct business at member rates.


$60 (2014 is prorated + $60 for 2015)  Must be 18 years or older. Transact business at member rates, access to TWHBEA programs & subscription to Voice Magazine and voting rights.



$1,000 ensures your membership for life! Transact business at member rates, access to TWHBEA programs & subscription to Voice Magazine and voting rights.


Young Adult Membership

$60 for membership from January 1 after 18th birthday to January 1 after 21st birthday. Transact business at member rates, access to TWHBEA programs & subscription to Voice Magazine.



$10 per year for children ages 17 and under (age at January 1). Transact business at member rates, access to TWHBEA & TWHYA programs.



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