We want you to get involved! The Tennessee Walking Horse Breeders' & Exhibitors' AssociationSM has developed several programs to suit the needs of their diverse membership. For more information about any of our programs, contact us today!

Tennessee Walking Horses are shown in both English and Western tack, and compete in divisions based on age, height, sex, rider and specific shoeing requirements. Plantation horses compete in a variety of classes within the plantation division, while horses bred and trained to compete wearing special padded shoes are shown in the performance division. Current divisions include performance, show performance, park performance, park, plantation, country plantation, traditional plantation and trail plantation.

Horse Show Development BACK TO TOP
If your club or organization is in need of a fund raiser, look no further than to a Tennessee Walking Horse show. Through the TWHBEASM Horse Show Development and Support Program (HSD), a qualifying club may have the opportunity of receiving grant funding for a three-year-period. This funding is very limited and the criteria are listed below for your convenience. In addition to the possibility of grant funding, your club can receive administrative support from TWHBEASM staff to help your organization take out some of the hurdles in putting together a first-class show.

The Academy Program, sponsored by TWHBEASM, is an instructional program where students are taught the fundamentals of riding and showing.  Students take lessons on “school” horses that are owned by an instructor and are charged an hourly rate.  Many shows include Academy classes, and they are strictly for those taking lessons on school horses.

Distance Program BACK TO TOP
This program provides a source of recognition for the horse and rider who enjoy the benefits gained from pleasure trail riding on a regular basis. Awards will be presented to the HORSE; owners and riders must be members in good standing of the Tennessee Walking Horse Breeders' & Exhibitors' AssociationSM. Any number of TWHBEASM registered horses may be entered by a member.

Versatility Program BACK TO TOP
The Versatility Program is a showcase for the flat-shod Tennessee Walking Horse. With as many as 20 different events from which to choose, you and your horse have a variety of events in which to participate. You may choose to enter one event, or compete in them all! Included are events such as reining, pole bending, barrel racing, jumping, equitation, water glass, model and trail obstacle.

Futurities BACK TO TOP
The purpose of the TWHBEASM Futurity program is to breed and promote quality stallions, mares and colts. The Tennessee Walking Horse Futurity includes four divisions: weanling, yearling, two-year-old and three-year-old. The two-year-olds and three-year-olds are further divided into padded and non padded classes. Weanling and yearling divisions are also split according to sex classifications. Refer to our schedule of events for Futurities scheduled near you.

iPEDS™ (Internet Pedigree System™) is TWHBEA's member-only on-line registry information system. Members of TWHBEASM can now access instant, up-to-the-minute registry information just by logging-on to the TWHBEASM website. iPEDS™ is a helpful resourse for both beginning equestrians and long-time professionals

Certified Riding Instructor Program BACK TO TOP
TWHBEASM created the Certified Riding Instructors' Program to develop safe, knowledgeable riding instructors throughout the country.  The process of certification reflects an evaluation of the teaching abilities of the candidate and includes both oral and written examinations.

Open House Program BACK TO TOP
We want to help you promote your horses! Our open house program is designed to promote our breed on a national basis, targeting those already involved with the breed in addition to those who are new to the Tennessee Walking Horse. As a result, the industry and you, as a breeder, exhibitor, owner, or trainer will benefit from the increased awareness of our breed.

Satellite Office BACK TO TOP
While at the Tennessee Walking Horse National Celebration in Shelbyville, Tennessee, you can do everything from renewing your membership to registering foals without leaving the show grounds.  Our satellite office is open each year during the Celebration daily from 10:00 A.M. until 4:30 P.M. except Sundays.  The TWHBEASM staff is available for questions and to transact business.  Be sure to stop by and say “Hi” while at the “World’s Greatest Horse Show”!

Sire & Dam of the Year Awards BACK TO TOP
The TWHBEASM Sire and Dam of the Year Awards are divided into two categories. The first is the Total Points category. This award is based on the "actual" or total number of points acquired by the offspring of a sire or dam. The second is the Percentage Points category. This award reflects the "percentage" points acquired by the offspring of a sire or dam, taking into account the number of offspring that a sire or dam has competing in the show ring. These awards are presented in December of each year at the annual TWHBEASM Awards Dinner.

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