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The TWHBEA RIDER’S DISTANCE PROGRAM is designed for the pleasure riding enthusiast who enjoys the benefits gained from trail riding on a regular basis. Specifically, this program allows a rider to log hours spent trail riding a number of different horses.







  To obtain hours, the rider as well the owners of the horses ridden must be current members of TWHBEA.

   All riding must be done on trails, arena riding and lesson hours are not eligible.

   Ride length is determined by time in one half hour increments after the first hour.

   Log books must be sent by November 1 for calculation of High Point Awards.







            50 hours - Jacket Patch

            100 hours - Chevron Bar and TWHBEA Cap

            250 hours - Chevron Bar and TWHBEA Horn Bag

            500 hours - Chevron Bar and Engraved Halter

            1000 hours - Chevron Bar and Insulated Jacket

            1500 hours - Chevron Bar and Insulated Saddle Bags

            2000 hours - Chevron Bar and TWHBEA Saddle Pad



“Rider’s Distance Program” Rider of the year, which will be the Rider with the most hours accumulated during the year, will win a GPS Navigation System!




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