TWHBEA Trail Registration Program Log Sheet

The TWHBEA TRAIL REGISTRATION PROGRAM is designed to give TWHBEA members the opportunity to register their favorite trails and provide information about those trails online for other TWHBEA members to share.  Information collected will show the location, length of the trail, terrain, and personal descriptions from TWHBEA members.  This program makes it easier for TWHBEA Trail Riders to locate the trails containing the distance needed to gain their goals, not to mention beautiful scenery along the way!


•    Open to any trail in the US or abroad
•    Trail information must be submitted by TWHBEA member who has a working knowledge of the trail.  (previous rides, etc)
•    A $5.00 Nomination Fee for any Trail submitted by TWHBEA member
•    $10.00 nomination fee for privately owned trails.  National lands are exempt.

The following information should be submitted at registration:

1.    Required fee
2.    Trail length (mileage)
3.    Location
4.    Terrain
5.    Positive attributes
6.    Considerations (suggestible time of year, danger zones, etc)
7.    Contact information if any

For more information about this program contact:

Kristen Stegall



Trails Program Application

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