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Advertising Policies:
Front Cover:
The Voice™ magazine’s front cover is the most sought after and viewed print medium in the Walking Horse industry. We want to make this prestigious position available to as many of our customers as possible. Because of the demand, we have made a few changes in the way that front covers are reserved. The Voice™ staff only takes requests for covers. Front covers will then be assigned based on the following criteria: 1) frequency of the advertiser, 2) cooperation of the advertiser, 3) appropriateness of the photo and subject matter, and 4) the length of time since last cover.  The cover must feature a Tennessee Walking Horse registered with the TWHBEASM and owned by an association member in good standing.

Special Positions:
The Voice™ staff takes requests for special position advertising. A special position is any page within the first 15% of the magazine. Placement in the magazine will be assigned by the editor to our customers that have requested a special position on a month by month basis.

Regular Positions:
Regular position ads will be placed after the first 15% of the magazine and no specific page number will be assigned. The Voice™ will make an effort to group like kinds together such as a stable spread or ads from a particular horse show. Fractional page ads will run where space allows with the exception of "The Marketplace" which is a standard feature.

Advertisers need to supply the Voice™ magazine with its own copy of the photograph(s) to be used. As the official breed journal, the Voice™ will keep a copy of your photo on file for future historical use such as features, obituaries, etc. 

Ad Design:
Ad design by the Voice™ magazine art department is included in the price of the ad. The ad design is the copyrighted property of the Voice™ magazine. Customers wishing to have the copyrighted design of their ad sent to other publications can do so for $75 per release. The Voice™ copyright must appear on the ad. If copy changes need to be made, an additional fee of $30 will be added.

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Advertising Agencies:
Advertising agencies may take a 15% discount off of the Commercial Base Rate listed above.

Mechanical Requirements:
Voice™ is printed computer to plate, therefore, we need digital files. If you are preparing your own ad, please submit it digitally. Please refer to our Technical Specifics for more info.

TWHBEASM members are invited to deduct a 10% discount on current advertising charges for pre-payment or payment within thirty days of billing.




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