TWHYA Welcome!

Do you love the Tennessee Walking Horse?  Then you are in the right place! TWHYA is the youth association for the Tennessee Walking Horse Breeders and Exhibitors Association.  We have been around for six years, and while we are young (just like you!), we have lots going on!

Whether you own a Tennessee Walking Horse or hope to someday, you can join TWHYA for just $10 a year.  You can meet new 'TWHYA' friends, earn awards, enter contests, learn about horse care, scholarship opportunities, and much, much more!

Take a moment to wonder through the wonderful world of TWHYA!  If you have any questions, suggestions, or just want to say HI - email us:

Ginger Evans, TWHBEA VP - Youth:

Paulette Ewing, TWHBEA Youth Coordinator:

Check back often! and HAPPY TRAILS!

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Congratulations to the TWHBEA Scholarship Recipients


Sara Elizabeth Conti
Odum, Georgia

Anna Kaminski
Holly Springs, North Carolina


2015 Creative Contest Winners

Commercial Art Poster

1st.  Rachel Cowles

Computer Art

1st.  Shelby Finch

2nd. McKenzie Cheyanne Vincent

6 and under Watercolor

1st. Grant Holman

7-11 year old  Drawing

1st. Rachel Artman

2nd. Laynie McNair

Pastel 12 - 14 

1st Rachel Cowles

Fine Art Drawing 12 – 14

1st. Rachel Cowles

2nd. Skylar Nipper

3rd. Kyle Majors

Graphic Art

1st. Caroline Sinden

2nd. Alex Sinden

Drawing 15-17

1st. Gwyneth Walker

Watercolor 12 – 14

1st.  Kyle Majors

2nd. Regan Williams

Oil 7- 11

1st. Eloise N. Calloway

Watercolor 7 – 11

1st. Faye N.  Calloway

2nd. Trista Majors

3rd. Regan Williams

Photo b/w 12-14

1st.  Keaton Thompson

2nd. Rachel Cowles

Oil 12 – 14

1st Keaton Thompson

Photo Color 7 – 11

1st. Trista Majors

Photo  B /W 7 – 11

1st. Eloise Calloway

2nd. Trista Majors

Photo Color 12 – 14

1st. Kyle Majors

2nd. Rachel Cowles

3rd. Keaton Thompson

4th. Kyle Majors

Photo Color 15 – 17

1st. Abbie Howell

2nd. Luci Anderson

3rd. Caroline Sinden

4th. Alex Sinden

5th. Shelby Finch

Photo B/W 15 – 17

1st. Caroline Sinden

2nd. Alex Sinden

3rd. Luci Anderson

Essay 7 – 11

1st Trista Majors

Essay 12 – 14

1st. Katelan Browning

Horse Apparel 12 - 14

1st. Rachel Cowles

Textile Art  7 – 11

1st, Trista Majors

Leather Art 12 – 14

1st. Rachel Cowles

Apparel 12 – 14

1st. Ella Gragg

Apparel  15 – 17

1st Caroline Sinden

Horse Apparel 15 – 17

1st. Alex Sinden 
Video Commercial 
1st Alex Sinden 
Video Artistic
1st Alex Sinden 



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