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Motivated Mares and Geldings Opportunities Programs to Continue

The TWHBEA Executive Committee recently voted in favor of maintaining the current Motivated Mares and Geldings Opportunities programs for its members.  The amendment of an earlier decision was brought on by the participation in the programs as well as the attendance in May for the programs awards ceremony that signified the endearing interest of members to showcase their mares and geldings.

When the programs started, TWHBEA matched all the nominated money for each of the entries.  Starting in 2017, Motivated Mares and the Geldings Opportunities programs will only have the nominated amounts paid out for the year-end awards. Please remember to nominate your mares and geldings in each of the programs. There are categories for all disciplines; performance, pleasure, versatility, endurance and recreational trail for both senior and junior mares or geldings.


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