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TWHBEA Pleasure Horse Committee Cancels 2020 World Versatility Championship Show


Lewisburg, TN     18 May 2020

To all [our customers, exhibitors, and trainers of the versatile Tennessee Walking Horse…]

On May 12, 2020, the Pleasure Horse Committee released a survey titled, “TWHBEA has a question for you, the exhibitor,” concerning the attendance at the August 2020 World Versatility Championship show via email and social media. 

The survey received 54 responses. Of those responses, participants voted to cancel the 2020 WVC by 57.4%.

Subsequently, on behalf of the Pleasure Horse Committee, we decided to officially cancel the August 2020 World Versatility Championship show. 

We feel that it is in the best interest of TWHBEA and the exhibitors to look forward to a bigger and better WVC in 2021. 

I want to personally thank all who participated in the survey and everyone who has been working towards improving the WVC as well as the Pleasure Division of TWHBEA. 


Kristen Reichard 

VP Pleasure Division

The TWHBEA World Versatility Championship show would have followed the WHOA International show due to the availability of a venue and taking precautions for the COVID-19 Virus. 18-19 August, the re-scheduled date, would prevent many youths from participating in the show because by that time schools would have resumed their instructional year.  TWHBEA wants as many as possible to have the ability to compete, and the show already contains over two dozen youth classes.

Many sponsors have already paid their pledge to TWHBEA for the show and we will happily refund you the pledge money or they may transfer their sponsorship to one of the other shows being conducted by TWHBEA this summer, or ask us to hold your paid pledge to next year for the WVC 2021.

All pledges are being contacted now by Jane Moore, so please expect a call from her, if you haven’t already received it.  We thank you all so very much for understanding and being so supportive!!     RW


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