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TWHBEA & WHTA Suggested Guidelines for “COVID-19 Environment” Horse Shows


Lewisburg, TN     15 May 2020

Today, the Tennessee Walking Horse Breeders’ and Exhibitors’ Association, in conjunction with the Walking Horse Trainers’ Association, publish suggested guidelines to help the industry conduct horse shows in as safe a manner as possible.  These suggestions are compliant with TDA and other states’ Agriculture Department guidelines.

Considering the health concerns of the world in this time of COVID-19, these suggestions are for everyone from show managers to HIOs to exhibitors.  Obviously, there is still a responsibility on the part of the individual, and we all act at our own discretion for safety.  But, TWHBEA and WHTA think this document and the suggestions herein will help us conduct shows safely and have fun at the same time in the 2020 Tennessee Walking Horse Show Season.


TWHBEA COVID19_HorseShow_Guidelines (3)


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