Adult Supreme Versatility Champions

Adult Supreme Versatility Champions

88’s Merry Molly

A Common Denominator

Autumn Go Gal

Beauty’s Sun Down

Bold Aggression

Chance’s Merry Down

Cherokee Renegade

Cloudwalker’s That’s Amore

Coin’s Skyjacker

Copy’s Talk of Texas

Country Bumpkin B

Darnell’s Choice

Delight of Jet Star

Dr. Detroit

Dutch Country’s Mr. Cool

Eb’s Lady Lightfoot

Eb’s Royal Reveille

Friday’s Marauder K

Generators Whisper

Gen’s Miralce Lady

Gen’s Sir Charles

Goldie Wilson Allen

Good Friday K

Gypsies Reflection

Hallelujah Night Magic

Hallelujah’s Sunset Magic

He’s Black Hills Gold

Ideal’s Carbon Gray

I’m Billy The Kid

Investment Genius

Iron Eagles Legacy

Jet Powered Threat

Jet’s Miss Ebony

Jet Star’s Delight

Legend’s Black Lace

Legends Licorice

Little Bit of Black Rock

Lord Blackwatch

Magic’s Pride and Joy

Master Revelation

Merry Girl’s Promise

Mighty Sun’s Lucinda

Misty Blue Heather

Mona Lisa Magic

Money Talks

Moonbeam’s High Noon

My Copper Delight

Nite Hawk’s Copyright

Noon’s Delight

Ore Tana Rocket

Peddlin’ the Gold

Pride’s Moonlight Gambler

Pride’s Park N Ride

Remembrance’s Desert Rose

Remembrance’s Fireman

Royal’s Imagine That

Senator’s Trywanna

Shadow’s E Motion

She’s Doubly Delightful

Sol’s Gold Threat

Steppen Shady Lady

Steppenwolf Diamond

Stonecutter’s Shine On

Sundrop’s Summer Breeze

Sun Eden’s Super Sonic

Sunny Boy’s Appolo

Sun’s Blue Eyed Mystery

Super Sonic Triumph

Supreme Xanadu

Teton’s West Wind

The Gold Miner

The Good News

The Last Crusade

The Roan Flash

The Top Stock

Threat’s Mistake

Tobe’s Smokin Heather

Turn Me Loose

Whip’s Wayward Loss

Whirl’s Girl

W.W. Trail Master

Ashley Frones and Dirty Little Secret

Jessica Marlewski and  Sarge’s Choicey Boy

Jennifer Batts and He’s Some Kinda Dangerous

Jennifer Batts and My Sophia

Jennifer Batts and She’s Doubly Delightful