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Ford Gates

Ford Gates
Performance Horse VP

When I was a child, an older cousin of mine worked on a farm after school and during the summers. This was a cattle farm, but they also raised Tennessee Walking Horses. I read books about horses from the time I could read, but my cousin introduced me to the greatest breed of horse in existence. I was lucky enough to get to go with my cousin several times on trail rides on Walking Horses and McCurdy Horses. In 1969, my father bought our first registered Tennessee Walking Horse – Strolling Sam C. This colt was 15 months old and had never been touched by humans. He looked terrible – covered in mud and cockleburs, extremely thin, wild as a banshee and determined to teach me many things unless he could kill me first. He taught me a lot, but also instilled in my soul the love of the Walking Horse.

There has never been a time since then that I have not owned a Walking Horse. Some of my best known horses have been Stride’s Touch Of Pride (AKA STOP), OMG, Delight’s Sweet Lick, Pushin Mama, Stop Pushin Me,  Rebel’s Glitter of Gold, Grande’, and The Devine Miss M. My first claim to fame was a horse named Midnight Nibbler, an own son of Midnight Sun. I bred him to my 3 mares – one was by Merry Boy, one by Merry Go Boy, and one by Midnight Sun. (Definitely shows my age.)

I totally support ALL Tennessee Walking Horses, but my major interest is the Padded Performance Horse. If your venue is a trail horse, the Flat Shod show horse, the Versatility horse, or you just want pasture ornaments, I support you – I hope you will support me with the Padded Performance Horse.

I have lived in the Decatur , AL area since 1974. I am the Broker for Davidson Homes, LLC, Davidson Homes, LLC 2, and Davidson Homes, LLC 3. We specialize in new home construction, both custom and speculation. We also list and sell existing homes. I am a member to the Morgan County Association of Realtors, a member of the Board of Directors of the Morgan County Association of Realtors, a member of the Cullman County Association of Realtors, and a member of the Athens/Limestone Association of Realtors. I am a member of the Walking Horse Association of Alabama and am a member of the Board of Directors of the Walking Horse Association of Alabama.

My wife Jane and I have been married since 1971. We have 2 wonderful sons, 2 grandsons, and 1 grand daughter. One of our sons and his wife and their oldest son all show Walking and Racking Horses. My grandson is the 4th generation in our family to show these fantastic horses.

I have always said that owning Walking Horses is not a hobby, passion, or love – it is an obsession. If truly hooked, it lasts a lifetime. I was elected by you to serve you at TWHBEA. Never hesitate to contact me with any concern or suggestions you have for the betterment of the Tennessee Walking Horse