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Ginger Evans

Ginger Evans

I am a retired high school math teacher who spent 25 years in the Alabama public school system.  After retirement there, I worked an additional 7 years at Lowery Mfg. Inc. as the payroll officer with additional duties in safety, human resources, and accounting.

I am a lifelong devotee of the Tennessee Walking Horse, having grown up in a household that spent every Saturday night at a horseshow.  I inherited my love for this breed from my father who was an active breeder and owner for my entire childhood.

My husband, J D and I are owners, breeders and exhibitors, and trail riders, and support every division of the Tennessee Walking Horse, from trail to rail.  We are active breeders, and have been for many years, and have horses showing in every division, and have many who have made wonderful mounts for the trail as well.