Tennessee Walking Horse Hall of Fame

Tennessee Walking Horse Hall of Fame


The Tennessee Walking Horse Breeders’ and Exhibitors’ Association announced the inaugural top ten horses that were inducted into the Tennessee Walking Horse Hall of Fame and recognized at the December 4th Annual Awards Banquet :


  1. Allen F-1
  2. Midnight Sun
  3. Merry Go Boy
  4. Black Angel
  5. Roan Allen F-38
  6. Strolling Jim
  7. Wilson’s Allen
  8. Midnight Mack K
  9. Allen’s Gold Zephyr (Trigger)
  10. Merry Boy

The Tennessee Walking Horse Hall of Fame concept was developed by Dr. Bradley Woodruff and once approved, combined with the Master Breeders’ Award committee.  The idea is to recognize the best of the best in terms of breeding production, show ring results and ambassadorship to the public promoting the best of the Tennessee Walking Horse.  (Additionally, the horses inducted must be registered with TWHBEA.)

The horses chosen for the inaugural induction included all horses from the beginning years of our breed up to 1950 (foaling date) and each year more will be added to the Hall of Fame.  Dr. Woodruff and the committee that established this award worked very hard to develop the program from an “idea” to this reality.  Successive year’s awards will include the next generation but may induct horses from previous periods as well.


Note:  Allen’s Gold Zephyr was Roy Roger’s horse, Trigger Jr.  Trigger Jr. replaced the original Trigger when the “old man” became too infirm for filming the famous stunts, tricks and dances.  Trigger Jr., more highly trained in tricks, as well as dressage, took to the film industry with all four hooves.  He was owned by Paul K. Fisher of Souderton, PA who was reputed to have the largest Tennessee Walking Horse breeding farm in the U.S. during the 1940s and 1950s.


All the horses mentioned above are famously recognized throughout the industry.  Many more have had profound effects on the history of this breed as well, we know, and may be recognized in the future, as we continue the tradition, next year, of inducting the best of the best into the Tennessee Walking Horse Hall of Fame.


We appreciate the hard work, and thought put into this project by the committee and especially for the conception, Dr. Brad Woodruff.  Family members, if available, of the horses – or representatives on their behalf – will accept a ribbon at the awards banquet and be featured in a photo article detailing the horses’ feats and features.